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Hello, I’m Ryan and *I* am a lifelong developer. It’s true! My first program was a simple “hello world” app written in basic on an old Apple/IIe back when I was barely in the 3rd grade. The thrill and excitement I got when I made that computer bend to my will still makes me giddy to this day. Of course people grow up, and techonolgy evolves. The stuff I did back then were nothing compared to the things I do now…but it is about the journey right?

I have had the honor and privlege to work with many talented developers over the years, working on a lot of very cool and amazing projects. (some of my latest work has been seen by millions of people and even made it into the keynote of Mix 08,09, and 10) While I am humbled by the responses I get  about the work I do, I am never satisfied. “What am I going to do that is better than this?” is always at the top of my mind. That hunger to always do better is what drives me to be the best developer I can be, and hopefully some of that shows through in this blog.

I am currently very heavy into Silverlight and WP7, and I hope to make some pretty cool contributions in the near future.

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  1. MIchael Flynn says:

    You are my hero!

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