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IIS7 stops responding without an error

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One of the most maddening things in the world is when you have a problem with your application, but there isn’t an error code. Well recently I had such an error, and I hope I can save a few people from ripping out their hair.

IIS7 appears to work correctly, but after loading a single page it just stops responding to anything. No errors are given, the website just times out. Sometimes it would load half of the page before it would fail, so you would get to see what your page looked like without CSS. Not even raw images come up in a timely fashion.

If these symptoms sound remotely close to what you were seeing you have probably looked around the net and seen the threads about a problems with IIS7 and FF. The fix was to increase the timeout of worker threads. I have a hard time believing that increasing a timeout value is at all beneficial. (websites are supposed to load quickly right?)  Besides, I was using IE so it didn’t make sense.

It turned out to be AVG.

I am not sure if a new tweak to the resident shield is to blame, or something else, but having AVG installed on my machine causes IIS7 to lock up on heavy sites. Disabling AVG didn’t help. I had to completely remove it for the website to work.

I hope they figure out what the problem is and fix it soon, but in the meantime I will have to make do without AVG.